Stills: ‘The Waiting Game’

February 8, 2013


A recent university project gave me the challenge of creating two separate short films, using the same script but conveying two different genres. I wrote, shot, directed and edited two pieces called The Waiting Game. Both films are set on Christmas Eve, one – the story of a young girl waiting to catch Santa on […]

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Projects: ‘Worldly Desires’

February 7, 2013


Worldly Desires – A Homage to Gadajace Glowy Taking inspiration from ‘Gadajace Glowy’ (Talking Heads) by visionary Krzysztof Kieslowski, Worldly Desires is a short audio piece created by myself and several other students, as a simple sound recording test. Admittedly, it’s nothing particularly earth shattering, and is rough around the edges in some places – […]

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Berberian Sound Studio

February 7, 2013


Image: i.telegraph.co.uk

Artificial Eye are an exceptional name when it comes to cinema, though not always conforming to mainstream sensibilities, I feel they often present something for everyone. A flick through their back catalogue and a random selection of one of the titles is unlikely to disappoint – with seminal pieces including Fish Tank and We Need […]

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