Greetings travellers, allow me to explain just what the hell is going on here with a simple Q&A.

I'm not always this chipper.

 Who am I?

 I’m Nathan.

 I’m a twenty-something male, and I dream of being a Time Lord… that and a filmmaker.

 I’m currently in the final slog of studying for my degree in Film and Television Production – and when I’ve finished I’ll be embarking on a quest to find my career in the film industry.

What is ‘Cinemapolitan’?

Well, aside from being a wonderful and incredibly inventive pun (I’m sure you’ll agree) – this is my little corner of the internet where I can be free to explore and talk about the greatest art form in the world.

This is a space for me to discuss my passion and share opinions with others. I’ll be doing reviews from time to time, recommendations, a little bit of news, sharing my own projects, the occasional still/photo… all sorts really!

This blog’s other purpose is to document my first steps (and hopefully my future) in film, kind of serving as an interactive portfolio of sorts. I’ll eventually work my way around to whacking a ‘CV’ or some form on here too.
I’m hoping that by maintaining this site – my family, friends and anyone else interested can accompany me on my adventures in filmmaking – I’m sure whatever road I end up on will be a long and bumpy one, so the company will be much appreciated! I’ll try and keep naughty language to a minimum, but I prefer to see it as being ‘strongly passionate’ as opposed to rude…

Thanks for stopping by.

Nathan Hunter

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