Projects: Genre Manipulation – ‘The Waiting Game’

Posted on 04/08/2015


The plot is short and simple, Alex waits for a visitor on Christmas Eve. The two outcomes are very different.

Part One

Part Two

Blimey, it’s been a while hasn’t it?

I’m uploading these ridiculously late I know, but it genuinely took me this long to realise I hadn’t actually done so. I was in the midst of deleting things from my laptop when I stumbled across the files and figured I’d better get myself an easily accessible version of them, should anyone ever want to see the footage I ham-fistedly threw together in my final few months at uni.

The brief was to write a script and create two drastically different tellings of the same story using filming/editing techniques. The writer in me exploded with excitement, the still very amateur cameraman in me had a panic attack, the editor in me started twitching at the thought of another sleepless night or five…

Techy bits:

  • Camera: Canon 60D with a 50mm Prime Lens.
  • Lighting: Entirely natural – sunlight only.
  • Sound: Recorded on a Zoom H1 with a Rode Mic.
  • Music: I used Bohren und der Club of Gore for the Noir piece, a fantastic band you should all try out. As for the other one, I honestly lost the credits and couldn’t tell you specifically where the christmassy stuff was from other than some royalty free sites. I’ll track ’em down and credit accordingly when I’m less asleep.

Excuse the grain, and the wonkily levelled audio – but hey, I was younger, still learning the craft (and I still have a hell of a lot more to learn too…) and my priorities were all over the place, so these videos did get sidelined, and ended up being a smidgen last minute. Although, all things considered… I passed the module and the end result did deliver on the brief without bending the rules too much.

Neither of the two are my finest moments exactly, but considering I hated being at uni at the time (largely due to the stress bought on by trying to do this brief some justice), I loved the idea of the project all the same. Initially I went totally overboard, I had about 8 or 9 different script ideas in my mind, fell in love with exploring the little hallmarks of genre, playing around with language and intonations to get two meanings from one sentence… – Pity I got a bit lazy and went for some of the marginally safer options but hey, these aren’t too bad, right? Hopefully one day I’ll be able to look back on these as a measure of how far I’ve developed… and if I don’t manage that, then at least I’ve got some ammunition to wind up one very good friend, and one niece. Little victories.

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