Projects: ‘Worldly Desires’

Posted on 07/02/2013


Worldly Desires – A Homage to Gadajace Glowy

Taking inspiration from ‘Gadajace Glowy’ (Talking Heads) by visionary Krzysztof Kieslowski, Worldly Desires is a short audio piece created by myself and several other students, as a simple sound recording test. Admittedly, it’s nothing particularly earth shattering, and is rough around the edges in some places – but I think the premise is more important than anything else. I love exploring sound without visuals, and the use of music to tie it all together. Audio is a powerful medium in film-making that I feel is often overlooked. A piece like this, a simple marriage between music, ambience and dialogue is a nice little reminder of just how important sound really is.

We spoke to a wide range of people and simply asked them –

  • “When were you born?” “
  • “What are you?”
  • “What do you want most in the world?”

Nothing more, nothing less.

Though not remotely taxing, I think the idea in itself is somewhat inspiring – particularly Kieslowski’s original, a truly powerful and telling piece of work. In our homage, my favourite answer to any of the questions is the final one, so stick it out to the end and listen out.

This was produced by: Samir Irfan, Luke Bryant, Jack Dace, Ryan Runcorn, Leigh Moylan and myself. We all dabbled with recording (recorded at 48khz using a Fostex/Sennheiser set up if my memory serves me right) and I pulled the overall edit together, not my best work but I may polish it up someday… maybe.

For anyone interested, the music used is Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico Einaudi and the fantastic ‘Talking Heads’ can be found by clicking here

Thanks for listening.

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